Release Day!

Enchantress Awakening is available today. You can finally read in full the first part of Caleigh’s journey in the Book of Water. Click here.

Ever wondered what desires lie in the hearts of others? Caleigh, a young handmaiden from the unremarkable town of Connlad, knows exactly what people want. What she doesn’t know is how she comes to have this gift and what it means nor does she have much time to find out, as with her new knowledge come visions of a terrible past whose return in already in motion.

Meanwhile, the knowledge that she is the object of many a man’s fantasy is having an effect on her that her squire lover may be unequal to containing.

Where to turn for advice? With only her free-spirited best friend and a maker of remedies to confide in the chance of answers seem slim. Fortunately, there is one wizard left in the world and she has met him – the only trouble is everyone knows he’s only pretending.

Follow Caleigh, as she struggles with the burden of her message and the burning desires with which she is beset. From her sleepy town to the high towers of a great and secretive fortress lies a journey not just of self-discovery, in a land where the magically-gifted are often persecuted and slain, but the burden to carry a warning that may very well save the world.

Set in a parallel Arthurian-era world (post-Roman Britain) Enchantress Awakening is the part 1 of 3 of the The Book of Water, Book One of the Elemental Cycle.


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