Interview with the author II


AwakeningcoverblueNexus Fiction: Welcome back. This is the second of our interviews with JW Whitmarsh author of Enchantress Awakening (now available on Amazon).

JW Whitmarsh: How many of these are we doing?

NX: Well, you know how much we love trilogies…

JW: So three?

NX: For each book. (Moves on swiftly before author has a chance to run away). Ok, in today’s interview I’d like to ask you about genre and what kind of audience you see reading Enchantress Awakening. I’ll start off by asking about the sex.

JW: Ok.

NX: There’s quite a bit of it the Elemental Cycle.

JW: There’s some.

NX:  Enough to put it out of the children’s section in libraries.

JW: Certainly.

NX: Why did you choose to go that way? Weren’t you tempted to write a story that could be read by all?

JW: The temptation is definitely there. Of course you want as many readers as possible. And considering people I know are now reading what I’ve written, it would have been a lot easier on me.

NX: Then why not?

JW: There are reasons to do with readership and there are literary reasons too.

NX: What are the literary reasons?

JW: The basis of the story is about Caleigh’s gift, which is to sense what other people desire. As she becomes sexually awakened, she becomes attuned to other people’s sexual needs. Why sex? As, I think, Tovrik explains, sex is one of our strongest desires and it seems to me if someone was able to look into our desires, sex would be pretty high up the list. Also, it’s a desire that differentiates us as adults from children, which fits with Caleigh’s own journey into adulthood.

NX: But Caleigh isn’t an adult by a modern definition.

JW: In terms of her desires she is. But, more importantly, in the world she occupies she would most definitely be considered an adult. If she were any older the chances of her being unwed would be much slimmer.

NX: And what are the readership reasons?

JW: It’s similar in a way. I wanted to tell the story of a young adult that would be appropriate for people of that age and older. Lots of people grow up loving fantasy. You might read the Chronicles of Narnia and the Hobbit in early adolescence then age with Harry Potter through your school years. By the time you’re 14-15 Lord of the Rings is definitely within your grasp. So where do you go after that as a young adult if you still love fantasy? I wanted to respect that audience by writing something with adult sensibilities.

NX: You are sure that audience exists?

JW: Absolutely. I can give you three examples off the top of my head. Fan Fiction, RPGs and A Song of Ice and Fire/the Game of Thrones TV series. (To be continued…)






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