New Front Covers

Right now we’re working with some very talented photographers and illustrators to really bring the world of the Elemental Cycle to life. In the meantime we thought we’d update our covers with an image that relates to each story.

[Minor spoiler warning] For those who are interested these two images are not random. The photo on Enchantress Awakening is of Avebury stone circle, which the keen reader will note bears a strong resemblance to the village of Stonecairn in the novel. Standing stones are a re-occurring motif in the novels and have practical as well as symbolic use.

Obviously, the image for Enchantress Apprentice is of Stonehenge, known as the Great Henge in the world of the Elemental Cycle. We get to visit there pretty early in the second part of the Book of Water, so it seemed an appropriate choice.

Let us know if you have any thoughts on these? Did anyone prefer the plain covers? Do you prefer photos or illustrations for book covers? We’d be really interested to know what you think.



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