No Friday Blog but updates coming

Hi everyone.

We’ve been trying to set up a weekly blog on a Friday but, unfortunately, all our writers are busy today. JW Whitmarsh said something about having to finish a manuscript (Enchantress Apprentice). We’ll give a pass for that one. JWW Devlin claims he is immersed in ‘research’ currently (for which we read making plans for the 6 Nations) and Wil Easton is busy with ‘projects'(which probably means annoying scientists with hypotheticals).

In the absence of our writing staff the task falls to the humble minions of Nexus Fiction to fill the gap. Given that we’re not as opinionated as our creatives we’ll focus on what’s upcoming on the site.


In the next few days….

New blog from JWW Devlin looking at the positives of adaptations.

The first interview with JW Whitmarsh on ‘Enchantress Apprentice‘.apprenticeblue

Extended pages on characters in JW Whitmarsh’s section. Now relating to people we expect to meet (or are referred to in) Enchantress Apprentice.

Next Friday….

New blog from one of our writers (they won’t escape us this time).

In two weeks….

The release of Enchantress Apprentice. Links will be provided for direct purchase from Amazon Kindle, free apps for all smartphones, free apps for desktop/laptop etc.

Until then, have a great weekend. Remember, Enchantress Awakening is still on sale. If you haven’t read it yet there’s still time before the next part comes out.Awakeningcoverblue

Take care and live well,

Nexus Fiction

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