Characters from Sommerwold


Hair colour: Chestnut brown (dark blonde in summer)

Eyes: Hazel

Height: 5’6″

Caleigh is an Enchantress and a Spellsinger and is the protagonist of The Book of Water. She is sixteen when we meet her though being born on December the 26th she has known seventeen summers in the town of Connlad. She has no family that she knows of and learning to survive alone and her instinct for empathy has made her mature beyond her years.

Physically, Caleigh has a gentle prettiness of wide eyes and a beaming smile. Her generous curves stand in contrast to her slender body toned by years of dancing and working on her feet, first in her parents’ tavern then later going up and down the stairs of Connlad castle in her duties as chambermaid.

Having taught herself to read from an early age, Caleigh is more academically-minded than would be expected of someone in her position and she has a keen desire to always learn more about the world.

Caleigh likes dogs and cats equally and refuses to take a side in that eternal struggle.


Hair colour: Sandy blond.

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5’11”

Penric (aka Pedregir the Second) is the only son of Sir Pedregir of Southerby. Sent at the age of twelve to serve as a squire to Sir Marc of Connlad, he is now on the cusp of achieving full knighthood. He fell in love with Caleigh when she first entered the service of Lady Edith and after many months of friendship persuaded her they should partner. Although as a knight he would be expected to marry nobility, he feels sure that everyone will accept and love Caleigh once they have met her.

Penric’s favourite animals are dogs.


Hair colour: Honey blonde

Eyes: Green

Height: 5’7″

Ellie (aka Elwyn) is the daughter of a marriage between her father, a former rider and loose kinsman of Earl Cynric, and her mother who is a local of Connlad. Ellie’s family are not close and her rebellious streak and inability to be appropriate for sustained periods have often got her into trouble. Over the years she has acquired the skill of not-being-seen and this has made her effective as a chambermaid.

Caleigh is her best friend and is one of the few people who appreciates her for something other than the way she looks. Ellie sometimes suspects the only reason she has any friends beside her is because they trust in Caleigh’s judgement in liking her in kind.

Ellie’s favourite animals are cats.


Hair: Dark brown

Eyes: Green.

Height: 5’4″

Dana is a herbalist and maker of remedies in Connlad. She is in her thirties and a widow from the last war with Bergonia. Caleigh first came to her attention after the battle where she lost her husband. Seeing this little girl comfort everyone so effectively not only helped assuage her grief but also raised some strong suspicions. When Caleigh’s parents died Dana made a point of keeping a more active watch on her, preparing for the day that she would need her help.

Druidry has run in Dana’s family for many generations and she is well-aware of the price being gifted can carry. Her greatest hope is that Caleigh will not have to suffer like her loved ones did.

Dana’s favourite animals are pigs.

Sir Marc

Sir Marc is a noted warrior and lord of Connlad.

Dame Edith

Edith is Sir Marc’s wife and Caleigh’s mistress in the castle.

Earl Cynric

Earl Cynric of Crowbridge and is liege-lord to Sir Marc. His Earldom includes many of the important sites from the early history of the Kingdom of Albion. A fearsome warrior in his prime, Cynric is still a formidable military leader and was intimately involved in the defeat of Bergonia in their last war.

Lady Hilda

Lady Hilda is Cynric’s wife and mother of his two sons Aysric and Ceolwulf. She and Cynric are an effective partnership and like in many Northman holds she rules in her own right if ever the Earl is away.

Thane Aysric

Aysric is the eldest son of Earl Cynric and is the Thane of Stonebury, although he is ever ready to join his father’s muster of riders.

Sir Ceolwulf

Hair: Dark blond

Eyes: Blue

Height: 6′

Sir Ceolwulf aka Ceol is Sir Marc’s former squire and a friend of both his former master and the magician Tovrik. At present he is in the questing stage of his knighthood and for this reason it is he and not his elder brother with whom his father entrusts his vital missions. Ceol is powerfully-build and is famed for his endurance even among his fellow knights.

Ceol’s favourite animals are horses.


Aldred is a famed craftsman who has long worked with the magically gifted from his isolated workshop on the road between Elevered and Minerva.


Bryn is Aldred’s apprentice some nine years.


Rhiannon is a maker of potions who works at the great baths of Minerva.


Cedric is a young man from Stonecairn, a town famed for its connection to the ley lines.