Fire Magic

Imagine that instead of four arts with three disciplines you have twelve apparently separate and mutually exclusive branches of magic. There you would be a Charmer and I a Fatalist and neither of us would believe we could learn the other’s spells. As a method of control it is highly effective. None ever gets too powerful and all they do is regulated by the innumerable laws of organised religion. – Lazarus


Location: The Imperium

Metaphor: Inspiration – the ability to perceive the divine

Fire is the base element of all magic in the Imperium stretching from the borders of the Southern Provinces of the West to the sands of the most ancient of Kingdoms to the east and up to the great rivers and mountains of the north. In the Imperium magic is organised into the reverence of twelve Gods and the link between disciplines is kept deliberately obscured. Nonetheless, scholars such as Euphemius have noted the convergence of abilities.

The Geomantic Triad

We shall do thusly; we shall give her the candle trial. If she is truly sent by Vesta then it will become apparent for all – Arcadia

Fire + Earth: Inspiration combined with harmony (Devotion)

Devotion of Vesta

Vesta is the Goddess of the Heat and her priestesses can cast spells relating to the lighting of fires and the maintenance of the Eternal Flame.

Devotion of Ceres

Ceres is the Goddess of the Field and her acolytes are skilled in spells that aid the growth of crops and enhance the fertility of soil.

Devotion of Vulcan

The Priests of Vulcan can enchant forges to smithy when cold or turn coals into burning lava.

The Heliomantic Triad

Through his honed eyes Marcus though he could see about him a golden glow as one standing beneath a ray of sunlight. Apollo had made his presence felt also.

Fire+Air: Inspiration and knowledge (Philosophy)

Devotion of Jupiter

Jupiter grants his clergy powers of lightning and thunder as well as law and order.

Devotion of Apollo

Apollo grants the ability to dazzle and anticipate as well as certain skills with healing.

Devotion of Minerva

Devotees of Minerva have powers of wisdom and defence along with some resistance to pain.

The Astromantic Triad

Fire+The Spirit (Clarity)

Devotion of Mars

Adherents of Mars are blessed with abilities in the heat of battle; supreme focus in the fog of war and the strength and endurance to fight on to the end.

Devotion of Mercury

Mercury’s followers are adept and travelling long distances to convey important messages. They are also renowned for doing so discretely and being impossible to follow.

Devotion of Neptune

Neptune’s blessings are a great boon to mariners and his powers can guide them by the stars as well as control the seas upon which they travel.

The Lunarmantic Triad

Fire+Water (Compassion)

Devotion of Venus

Venus is the Goddess of Love and her followers are blessed with the ability to encourage or discourage all kinds of love and, like many other devotions, able to bestow fortune on others. There is a strong similarity to the Art of Enchantment in this.

Devotion of Diana

Diana is the huntress and her blessings are concerned with the powers of the hunt and powers to preserve the independence of women. The most famous of her followers are the Amazons, in whose lands she is one of the principle deities.

Devotion of Juno

The blessings of Juno are chiefly concerned with the protection of those bound in matrimony and in the welfare of the community and by turn to punish those who break their vows or wish harm on the people.