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Books by JW Whitmarsh and where they appear in the timeline

The Elemental Cycle

Enchantress Awakening (Part One of the Book of Water) First in the series. Concludes a short way into Valkyrie Rising and six months before the major events of Mars Fallen.

Enchantress Apprentice (Part Two of the Book of Water) Second in the series. Continues straight on from Enchantress Awakening.

Enchantress Destiny (Part Three of the Book of Water) Third in the series. Continues straight on from Enchantress Apprentice.

The Book of Water (Complete Enchantress Trilogy) Trilogy Edition.

Valkyrie Rising (Part One of the Book of Earth)

Mars Fallen (Part One  of the Book of Fire)

Interviews with the Author

Interview I – On writing Enchantress Awakening

Interview II (Part 1) – On the readership of fantasy fiction

Interview II (Part 2) – On Fan Fcition and RPGs

Interview II (Part 3) – On Game of Thrones and killing characters

Interview III (Part 1) – On the magic of the Elemental Cycle

Interview III (Part 2) – Magical cultures

Interview III (Part 3) – Mages and learning magic

Interview with the author of Enchantress Apprentice – On Caleigh’s journey

About the Work

I’ve been trying to remember (unsuccessfully) the precise genesis of the Book of Water. It seems to have been with me for some time. My best guess puts its origins at 2006, which means its 10th anniversary is approaching (frightening thought).

It’s not always been an easy journey. The low point was probably when I lost 70,000 words due to a file corruption (I know, cardinal rule – always back everything up) . There is nothing that strikes the heart of a writer worse than lost work. No two versions will ever be the same and some things never come back. Nothing breaks you out of your writing rhythm as badly as that either.

But some things are for the best. The story shifted and some characters moved position in the story and ultimately they ended up closer to where I had originally intended. I probably ‘finished’ The Book of Water some 3/4 years ago but the gap between finishing a tale and putting it out for people to read is a significant one.

Over the weeks and months the arguments for not putting my work out there paled to insignificance. Nexus-Fiction gave me the prod I needed and here we are – it’s out there.

I hope I find some readers and that some of those readers feel enriched by the stories I’ve written. If nothing else, I feel Caleigh and Marcus and Valeria deserve their chance to live in the world outside of my computer.

I’ve no desire to be famous but I will try to maintain some kind of online presence so I can be available to my readers. I’m always happy to converse about my work and I’d never rule out the possibility that others can see things in my stories I never imagined existed.

Thank you,

J.W. Whitmarsh