Mars Fallen

In the midst of a once mighty Empire, Marcus, a disgraced senator’s son now celebrated gladiator and Junia, one of the sacred Vestal virgins begin to forge an unlikely friendship and from each other they learn of the growing threats to their way of life.

On the eastern front and on the sands of the arena, Marcus faces battles against centaurs and the sinister Ludus Noxii, while in the secure confines of the House of the Virgins, Junia and her sisters live under the shadow of murder and in the fear of assassination from those who would see all traces of the Old Religion swept away.

Into this climate a new guest arrives among the sisterhood escaping from tragedy in the north. Hope and oblivion both linger within view and salvation in the end may lie in heresy, as from their different worlds Marcus and Junia come to face the same struggle.


In this the fifth volume of the Elemental Cycle the world of classical mythology takes centre stage as the first part of the Book of Fire, which bridges between the Book of Water (Enchantress Trilogy) and the Book of Earth (Valkyrie Rising). Can be read independently or after Enchantress Destiny or Valkyrie Rising.

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