Enchantress Apprentice

Part Two of the Book of Water


As if the end of the world wasn’t enough to be dealing with, knowing the desires of those closest to you and knowing you can affect them by your mere presence is a concerning prospect.

Caleigh, apprentice mage and most gifted Enchantress of her generation, realises both her quest and her best chance of both growing and learning to control her powers lie beyond the comforting walls of Elevered and so she heads out to the largest city north of the old Empire, the bustling port of Lakehaven. Here she meets the a master who can train her in her Art of Enchantment and finds herself drawn into events of the recent past and on a quest to track down those who were once in possession of the most sought-after treasure of the Western Lands – the Vessel of Life.


Meeting a charming knight and a seductive and independent noble lady, Caleigh sets off in the trail of the greatest warrior of the age; the one person living who knows where the Vessel might be and has done everything possible to ensure that none ever find it. All the while, the war against the Beast continues and new foes arrive in the form of the Coven: the wicked and cruel counterparts to the Librarians of Elevered.

In these times of struggle Caleigh needs to learn to master her art quicker than ever before her life and the lives of those closest to her depend upon it.

Set in a parallel Arthurian-era world (post-Roman Britain) Enchantress Apprentice is part 2 of 3 of the The Book of Water, Book One of the Elemental Cycle.

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