The People of the Imperium

The Senatian Imperium was once the greatest empire in recorded history. Spanning from the wet Western Lands, through the forests of the northmen and burnings sands of the Southern Expanse, to deep into the lands once under the dominion of Xyraxis. All the nations around the Inter Mare and beyond were subject to the laws of Sena and the lived by the ways of the Pantheon.

Now, what was once a united civilisation is split into rival empires in the West under the Emperor of Sena and the East, presided over by the Archons of Theopolis. Each city claims to be the true heart. For Sena by right of history: for Theopolis by right of faith.

The earliest histories of the Imperium emerge from the wreck of the great cataclysm. A demi-god known as Empyrean arrived in the city-state of Athena and delivered a set of laws for government and religion. A few decades later he did the same in the newly grown town of Sena. Thereafter, Sena grew in magnificence decade upon decade, century upon century until it was the heart of the great Empire still revered today.

From this height civil war ripped the Empire in two and different religions then kept them apart. While Patriarchism and the Church of Light spread in Sena, Theopolis remained true to the old gods and the laws set down by Empyrean all those centuries before. In both capitals ever after, Emperors and Archons dreamed of being the one who would make the Imperium whole again.

The lands of the Imperium are warmer and often dryer than those of the Western or Norse Lands though they are fertile nonetheless. At heart, all Senatians are farmers and have a strong bond to the soil and its bounties. But farming is not what spurred the great empire, it is the connection to fire and the quick-witted spirit of invention it fosters. The people of the Imperium are often at the forefront of technology and philosophy in the known world.

Though more diminutive than their neighbours to the west and north, the people of the Imperium are used to living and working side-by-side in great numbers and consequently their armies show unmatched discipline and co-ordination.