Valkyrie Rising

Something is awry is the land of Svanhald. Following the strangest of visitations, the lives of Princess Valeria and Prince Ulfric are changed beyond recognition and their once idyllic existences will soon become a fight for survival. The formerly stable kingdom is now under attack from creatures who rightly belong in tales, while at home new powers are rising and long forgotten menaces are returning.

In the midst of the coming chaos, old and new truths are uncovered and the two siblings are caught between the forces of destiny and the desire to protect all they love. They must choose wisely for not all can be saved, perhaps not even each other.


Set in a parallel nordic world (viking era), Valkyrie Rising is Part One of the Book of Earth and volume 4 in the Elemental Cycle. Valkyrie Rising runs concurrent to the Book of Water (Enchantress Trilogy) and Mars Fallen and can be read before or after either.

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